Saturday, March 2, 2013

Interestingly, this blog looks different on different computers.  I am at my son's today.  I spent the night babysitting my grandkids.  I pulled up my blog and it looks kind of weird on his computer.  I am still contemplating changing to wordpress rather than blogger.  I wonder if I can transfer what I've written here so far over to a new one or if it will be all from scratch?  I keep thinking I should change and then I run across a number of blogger blogs that look great!!!   I guess I'll just keep trying to make this blog look more appealing.

I thought I could have actual separate sections and thus, I could blog about different things in the different sections but it seems those extra pages are just that ... pages ... and don't allow new posts.  So I have to rethink how I want to share everything with you or with those who may eventually read this blog.  I really don't want to have like 5 separate blogs ... I cannot even keep up with this one much less if I was trying to maintain a few.  Yikes!

Anyway, I guess this is all for now although I may come in and edit this and add to it.  I'm going to go check out how I can possibly share things in a more cohesive way.

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