About Me

I moved to Vermont March 15, 2011 to live near my son and grandkids.  I was blessed that my daughter-in-law and my son invited me to come and live with them for up to six months while I tried to establish myself here.

I succeeded.  I now live with a wonderful man and my true love and life partner, Gary Parker.  I found a good job with truly nice people less than a mile from my home.  To know that I could be this blessed at my age I hope can give hope to those who think their lives can never turn for the better.  It can!  Just ask and have faith.

I have always studied and read for years about simple living, getting back to the land, etc.  This is the first time in a very very long time that I am actually somewhere where I can put some of the things I've only learned in books - to practice.  I hope to share this journey with you here on this blog.

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