Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inspiration Fridge vs. Our Fridge

Pinterest Inspiration Fridge
don't pay attention to the date
my camera is off

I am so proud of myself.  Although the inspiration fridge on the left is obviously larger than ours, I still used the same organizing concepts and organized our fridge.  It looks so good!!!  Now things won't get lost in the back.  We can just pull the basket out and see what is in the back of the basket.  Yay!  I wish I had taken a before pic ...

What do you think?

I'm becoming an organizing freak!  I've always liked for things to be organized but now I'm wanting everything to be totally organized.  I have lots of things planned that don't cost a lot of money.


Anonymous said...

Very nice fridge, Sophia. Wish ours would have food enough to organize! This is Kuksha, just thought I would say hello...

Sabrina Smith aka Sophia said...

Kuksha! Thank you so much for commenting. As you can see not many people are checking out my blog or if they are they find it so not interesting they leave no comment! Miss talking to you and Lavenia on facebook ... life is just getting in the way! :-)