Saturday, March 30, 2013

Washing Dishes as Meditation

I have found that when I am standing at my sink washing dishes, it becomes almost like a zen meditation.  All other thoughts seem to leave my mind and I am there looking out my window as I have my hands in soapy water and a nice cloth washing each dish and fork and spoon and placing it in the right hand side of our double sink.  There they wait for me to finish soaping and cleaning to then begin rinsing one by one.  There is a ritual to it - an order to it.  Once I am done, I then use the cloth to clean off all of the counters and scrub my cutting board and then back into the soapy water to rinse the cloth.  Pulling the stopper from the bottom of the sink and as the soapy water swirls down, I use the water to get all the soap to go down the drain.  Then I wipe the sink bottoms and sides and wring out my cloth and then lay it out nice and straight on the middle between the two basins.  Then I take my dish towel and dry my hands and then place it over the dishes that are drying in the dish drainer.  And then ... my meditation is done.  I look around at my clean kitchen and get some kind of sense of peace.

Okay, I know this is weird.  But, I like this ritual and it gives me some inner peace.  I will never own a dishwasher.   Seriously.

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