Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Too many ideas in my head ... not enough time!

I have ADHD.  For those of you who have it you understand what I mean when I say there are so many ideas swirling around in my head that it is hard to focus on just one.   I am trying to teach myself how to move away from some ideas that are just a waste of time.  Imagining what I would do with each and every empty building I see is a waste of time.  I will never have that empty building so how on earth would I be able to do all the wonderful things that pop up in my mind to do with it.  I am constantly decorating my house and other people's houses in my mind.  Why ... ?  So I have not come up with any clearcut exercises to stop these thoughts ... these ideas.  I simply at this point just try to talk to myself and say clearly to myself, "Stop! This is something you can never accomplish so why waste valuable brain space on it!"  Yes ... I do talk to myself that way.  Sometimes ... even out loud.   My mother always called me a dreamer and I guess that is definitely true.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dreamer!  But what is invaluable is to be a "selective" dreamer.  Dream about things that might actually be able to be accomplished!  I have totally landscaped our yard in my mind.  Do I have the expertise or the money to do everything that I have landscaped in my mind in reality?  No ... pure and simple.  No.  So ... what I have had to try to do is think of one small project at a time.  Otherwise, all the projects swirl around in my head and nothing ever gets done.  I am very proud of myself for following through with starting an herb garden in my kitchen window.
 I just started it around April 2 so nothing is really growing yet except for my Thyme.  It is starting to sprout up!  I am so excited.  I do hope the other three (Basil, Rosemary, and Mint) sprout soon!

I am very proud of myself for actually following through and purchasing the terra cotta pots and the seeds and planting them!  This is a project that has begun.  It will be a continuous project in that I have to remember to water and nurture them every day.  I do have an idea of my next small project like this.

My other project, of course, is this blog.  I know that no one has found me yet and those who do have not really found as informative a blog as they would hope for.  I hope to change this in that I really want to find time to do more research so I can actually provide a lot more information than just my personal ramblings.

It is very hard for an ADHD brain to manage time.  It is also hard once disorganized to reorganize and keep organized.  ADHDers LOVE to be organized. But it is so hard sometimes to get there and then to stay there.  It is hard for me to function well sometimes if I am not organized.  Disorganization around me just makes my brain feel disorganized.  Too much clutter around me makes my brain feel cluttered.

When I first started my job this past August 2013, the desk I inherited was full of stuff!  All of the office essentials were on top of the desk:   paper clips, binder clips, tape dispenser, stapler, rubber bands, notepad, files containers, etc.  I immediately ordered two drawer organizers, put almost everything in those drawers to my right and now the top of my desk just has one of my computer monitors, the telephone, and one step organizer for files that I use every day.  To my left is a cabinet that houses other files that are currently (but maybe not daily) being used.  Hmmmm ... I think I will take pictures at work today and maybe my next blog can be on the organizing techniques I use at work that work for me.

I am headed to work right now.  It is 8:25 a.m. and I am supposed to be at work at 9:00 a.m.   I work less than a mile from my home.


rluv2000 said...

Thanks for posting this. It gives me a little more understanding of a friend I know who also has ADHD. Keep up the focus on the small projects that you know you can finish.

Sabrina Smith aka Sophia said...

Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, understanding an ADHDer is helpful for you and for them! :-)