Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Processing Life As It Is ....

I posted this picture on my facebook page and also these words below.  I thought I should post it here so I don't lose it as things eventually disappear on facebook after a while and I liked where my mind was at the time I wrote this.

About the quote above:  I know this could be misinterpreted as just giving up and giving in ... but I think this is on a much deeper level ....  Sometimes for me just in my daily every day life, I am constantly thinking about how I should be, how my day should be, how my life should be and what happens is ... I have spent my entire life with a vision of what I wanted to be but never really looking inside the me that is ... and accepting her with all her flaws ... instead I've always pined over the me I thought I should be ... instead of loving and accepting the me that is.  So what this quote does for me is it brings me back to the present ... the here and now ... the life I have right now ... the day I have right now ... the me I have right now ... Can I always improve on all these things?  a better me ... a better day ... a better week?  absolutely ... but improving things has to start with understanding and realizing who and where I am right now ... that has to be the base to spring from ... it goes back to basic simplicity ... being happy with simple things without getting caught up in the rat race of doing more and getting more ... remembering what is right in your life when little things get you down ... I could go on and on with what this quote does for me ... but I think you get the picture ... :-)

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