Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday morning ....

It is Saturday morning.  The world is frozen again outside this April (Spring?) day.  Last week the weather was nice and in the 50's.  It turns out it was just a teaser and rain, then sleet, came yesterday.  Spring in Vermont!  My herbs I planted in terra cotta pots in my kitchen window are sprouting.  The Thyme came up first and is bursting out of the dirt.  Basil came second and the Mint is sprouting a couple of small sprouts.  I'm still waiting for Rosemary to burst out of the dirt.

As I've talked about before, being organized is very important to the ADHD brain.  Getting disorganized can create total chaos in our brains.  So today I have decided that I MUST take Saturday mornings as my own.  Saturday mornings to work on whatever I want including projects, writing exercises, etc.  This morning I will be redesigning my son's marketing materials.  I just got a gig to design a website for a court reporting service.  I organized my budget this morning and paid some bills.

I also must write something here on my blog every day.  Even if it turns out to be a paragraph.  I MUST write something every day.

I also have started writing my boyfriend's life story.  Even his therapist from years ago told him he must write a book.  Unfortunately, he is not a writer.  Lucky he found me.  (smile)  

I am not saying much right now.  I might come back and edit this later.  But I must get on to my project of redesigning my son's marketing materials!

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