Thursday, April 18, 2013

Herbs, minimalism, decorating, ADHD thinking, projects - realistic and unrealistic, etc. - yep all this in one blog post ...

I am so happy that my herbs are coming up!  All but Rosemary.  I keep talking to her and urging her to burst through the soil but nothing yet.   :-(   I continue to check on the dampness of the soil, water when necessary, and talk to Basil, Mint, and Thyme - thanking them for showing up and making me happy.  I am hoping this weekend is going to be nice so I can start my "bag" garden.  I've bought two bags of top soil and we have picked out the spot where I will put them.  I've already bought my onion bulbs and also some other veggies.

I am still dealing with becoming more minimalist.  I tend to be able to purge things and not hold onto things but I still have too many things, I think.  I truly would like to have a bohemian type of minimalism - if there is such a thing.  I've been inspired by the Innermost House.  The simple style and warm minimalism speaks to me.

I have begun converting my room into a more simple style.  I used to be addicted to reds, golds, purples - a mixture of all kinds of colors.  There is nothing wrong with it but I'm losing interest in it.  I am drawn to whites, ivories, etc.  Now when I go to the thrift store, I look for white and ivory textiles.  Here is a pic of my dresser top. It used to have a red, pink, and gold throw on it.  What a
difference a white tablecloth and white accessories (along with gold) make.  I plan on painting the dresser that ivory color of the swatch you can see laying on the white cloth there on the right.  The box was one of the first wood-working projects my son did years ago.  I found the two gold frames on the roadside just a few doors down along with a few really nice baskets.  I took them gratefully!   I also found an old style bedspread that I fell in love with at the local thrift store.  It is pure white.  My room is becoming brighter and lighter and just feels good.  The color of my room was the color it was when I came here.  I actually really like it.

Oh you may wonder why my "room" is a bedroom and why I don't sleep in the same room as my boyfriend.  The truth is he is a very light sleeper and I not only snore but I also move around a lot due to my arthritis in my neck.  I move many times during the night from one side to the other side and I take a while to position my pillow just right under my neck so I won't wake up with a horrible headache.  We make it just fine with this arrangement.  I would feel much worse if I was keeping him up all night when he has to get up so early to go to work each morning.  So my bedroom and my office are all upstairs.  I like it.  I'll show pictures of my office at some point.

My ADHD brain still gets me in trouble.  I literally began thinking about the possibility of offering to do a column in the local paper.  My idea for the column would take a crazy amount of research time.  What was I thinking?  Luckily, I haven't made that offer because realistically, I would never be able to pull it off.

My idea?  Oh yeah.  I have this weird feeling of sadness when I see empty buildings - residential or commercial.  I would love to do a column where I pick one building at a time and research not only the history of it but also talk about ideas on how to bring it back to life.  Can you imagine how much time it would take to do that type of column?  Goodness gracious.  But that is how my ADHD brain thinks.   So many cool wonderful projects come up in my brain.  I can spend a lot of time just THINKING about doing them - and the time it would take to actually DO them?  It's truly impossible.  I cannot even get the things done that I have on my plate now ... how could I possibly take on that project, as well?  I can't.  That's the reality of it.  I am soooo trying to become more of a realist in some ways.  I need to focus my dreaming on things that I really could possibly accomplish - like planting a small garden - growing herbs in my kitchen window - finishing the glazing/painting project on the sun porch once it is warm enough to open the sun porch back up for the summer - projects like that.  Those are realistically doable and I will be able to enjoy the fruits of that labor - in some ways, literally!

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