Sunday, February 24, 2013

Imma Writer !!!

I went to a Writing Workshop on Saturday at the Rockingham Library in Bellows, Falls, Vermont.  It was about Creative Non-Fiction with Elayne Clift.  I realized while I was there that my writing has suffered so much over these last few years mainly due to non-exercise!  The two exercises we were asked to do, I had nothing when it came to read each of ours.  I kept starting and stopping and scratching out.  I think I was in my head too much when I really should have just written from my heart.  My latest attempt at this blog is to begin exercising my writing.  Maybe I will improve!

I am trying to get better at many things and also to begin doing things I enjoy even if I have to do them by myself because my boyfriend doesn't share some of my likes.  We do a lot together and I have to get used to the fact that most couples don't do everything together!  That also is one of my issues I'm working on.  It felt so good to go to the writing workshop and spend 3 hours with other "writers".  I've spent a lot of the weekend trying to get more organized in my home office.  I still need to purge so many little things and create a more simple, serene space and home.  I watched much less television.  I know that for my brain to not feel cluttered, I must have no clutter and must be organized and maintain that organization as much as I can.

It is getting late so I'll go for now.   I know no one is reading this blog yet, but I will try to write every day something and post pictures and try to post interesting articles, etc.  Maybe one day if I continue to be as consistent as possible, more people will find my blog interesting or informative.

Night Night


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