Monday, July 15, 2013

Consistency is not one of my strengths!

Hello to the few beautiful spirits who follow my blog at all.  As you can tell, consistency is not one of my strengths. Part of the problem is I keep thinking that I need to do research and write an article that would be of interest to people and so I keep not being able to find the time to do that and thus, don't write a thing in this blog.

I wanted to talk a lot about gardening and the like but the truth is I end up getting so involved in other things, I don't do it ... don't garden.

I have a lot of website work to do for various clients including my son!  I recently started getting more involved in my community and this takes a lot of my time but it is very fulfilling.  I'm trying to find that balance in my life and, as I know all of you know, creating a true balance is almost impossible.  If I spend what I feel is quality time with my boyfriend and working in my community and go to work every day, then I don't end up spending time with my grandkids.  If I spend quality time with my grandkids and spend quality time with my boyfriend then I don't give as much to the community and I don't get as much work done (my at home work).  It is a constant struggle.  I know I am not alone in this ... but it is still very frustrating.   I am trying to just let go of what doesn't get done and do the best I can and play catch up here and there.

I guess I am not creating a "simple" life after all.  I tend to complicate things.  Having ADHD doesn't help, of course.

Anyway, this is just a silly blog post but a blog post just the same!    :-)